About LoveBee Products

A company for families by families!

Love & The Bees

LoveBee began in my home and kitchen many years ago, and today I now have the opportunity to share the natural, holistic, non-toxic products my own family has enjoyed with the world!

Along with myself, LoveBee is run by a small team of people (and of course, our little WillowBee). We are passionate and dedicated to creating wholesome products for every stage of life.

Life is better with LoveBee!

Khaili McMorris
Founder of LoveBee Products

Meet The LoveBee Team!

The Inspiration

Our little Willow is an absolute treasure — she’s full of life and love and continues to surprise and inspire us every day.



Fresh out the oven and straight onto the team, little baby Eden is a constant source of joy and laughter brightening everyone’s day!

The Heart

Khaili is the core of LoveBee and hand crafts every product! She is light and life to many around her and loves helping others.

The Architect

Tim likes to build things. He built this website, and also wrote this text. He gets to test all the products and he REALLY likes that.

LoveBee Interns

Our interns are special (and amazing) people who share a love for what were doing and join us for a season (or seasons) to help us to improve, grown and share our products with the world!



Serenity’s optimism, passion for natural products and excellent work ethic makes her the perfect fit for our every-growing team!

LoveBee Farm & Lab

The LoveBee Lab as we call it (which is not traditional “lab” but a sweet old cottage) is located on family land in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada! We’ve recently started growing our own lavender and have plans in the future to expand our little farm to grow many of the organic ingredients we use ourselves.

Lovebee on instagram!

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