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We’re beyond excited that in such a short period of time LoveBee Products are being used regularly by so many both near and far from us!

To thank our loyal repeat customers, we have implemented a rewards program so that you’ll save even more than just on our sales and promotions alone!

Life is better with LoveBee!

Here’s How It Works

Every time you purchase a product on and/or complete special actions like leaving a product review, your account will automatically be credited with LoveBee Rewards Points. These points can then be used during the checkout process to save money on your next order!

LoveBee Rewards Points will automatically be kept and calculated under your account page.

Reward Point Values

For every dollar you spend on you will receive a reward point. Every 10 LoveBee Reward Points you earn you’ll save $1.00 off any product of your choosing. Points can either be saved up within your account, or spent as you accumulate them.

Promotion Point

We will frequently be running LoveBee Rewards promotions on instagram and facebook and through our newsletter. Not all places necessarily will receive the same promotions so make sure you have followed us on social media and are subscribed to our newsletter for your maximum points potential!

Product Rewards Table

15 REWARD POINTS | BaBee Bum Diaper Cream

15 REWARD POINTS | Baby Bee Massage Oil

15 REWARD POINTS | Calendula Cream

10 REWARD POINTS | Gentle Baby Wash

18 REWARD POINTS | Lavender Body Oil

7 REWARD POINTS | Lipz Lip Balms

60 REWARD POINTS | Mummy & Bee Bundle

15 REWARD POINTS | Mummy Mango Body Butter

18 REWARD POINTS | Rose Body Oil

15 REWARD POINTS | Soothing Healing Balm

Extra Earning Opportunities

  • 20 Points — Registering for a free LoveBee account
  • 30 Points — Submitting a website testimonial
  • 30 Points — Leaving a product review (one review per item limit). Please note that reviews must be approved before they will appear live on the site. Points are rewarded for honest reviews that describe your experience with a real product. We are not looking to flood the side with fake reviews and any such reviews will be deleted with points unassigned.
  • Points for referrals and social sharing coming soon!

*Please note that product points will be always be listed on their respective pages

Have a question or suggestion for our rewards program? Please contact us!