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Natural, small batch products handcrafted from organic botanicals!

Fresh, affordable natural products handcrafted from time tested recipes you’ll love! Here’s a featured selection of our popular products, or you can view all products

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Natural clean living!

Hi! I’m Khaili, formulator, crafter & co-founder of Lovebee!

Lovebee products are safe, holistic, all-natural, bath, body, skin care & home care products that are wonderfully effective, and freshly created in small batches using premium, raw, organic ingredients from vetted suppliers!

Our unique one of a kind handcrafted products are lovingly made in Ridgeway, Ontario using time-tested family recipes that you’ll love! Learn more about us, the perks of shopping with us online and our guarantee!

Wonderfully fresh

Small batch matters!

Creams in prep

You wouldn’t buy rotten fruit from the grocery store…

When you shop at Lovebee for all natural small batch products, you get products that are ALWAYS fresh and in their prime, guaranteed!

Many large cosmetic brands and stores are notorious for selling products that have been sitting idle for months collecting dust, while their ingredients (and therefore effectiveness) degrade! That will never be the case with us. We keep our inventory as low as possible and consistently produce and ship products that are just days new!