The little things in life often make a BIG difference. By taking good care of the products that take care of us, we continue to reap the full potential of their benefits and enjoy them as intended. In this section you’ll find information on how to get the best and longest use out of your fresh, handcrafted Lovebee products!


As much as is possible, we recommend that you keep Lovebee products in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight. Specifically, a temperature between 10 – 24 Celsius (50 – 72 Fahrenheit) is ideal. Storing your products by these guidelines will ensure their freshness, benefits and visual appearance for the duration of their shelf life.

Balms, Butters & Creams

Products that contain higher oil concentrations will be more prone to melting. When it comes to products like our lips balms or butters for example, they should never be left in a hot car or purse as they can quickly melt. While melted products can certainly cause a messy situation, they can be re-hardened by refrigeration. While the product may visually change (become more cloudy for example) it will retain its benefits otherwise.

Shelf Life

Why It Matters

Adhering to our shelf life information is very important. Using products within their shelf life will ensure both your satisfaction and safety while using Lovebee products.

Where space on the packaging permits, you’ll find a number followed by a capital M which indicates the ‘period after opening’, the maximum time a product should be used before discarding / recycling. 6M for example, means to use the product within six months of opening.

It is important to note that the P.A.O date does not necessarily mean that products will be unsafe beyond their date (for example, under the right conditions, beard and body oils can last years and still be in great condition) however some products contain ingredients that will lose some of their properties over time. Therefore to ensure the best experience we recommend strictly following shelf life dates.

Since our product inventories are kept extremely low and products are regularly made fresh upon order, this number can be consistently trusted.


Lovebee products are freshly made small batch natural products that do not use synthetic preservatives. Products requiring a preservative, use natural ingredients which have been tested and proven to control rancidity and prevent bacteria, mold and other microorganisms from living in a product for the duration of its shelf life.

Interacting With Products

As with any product, you’ll always want to use your Lovebee products with clean hands — and we have a lovely foaming hand soap for that by the way! For creams we recommend investing in washable or eco-friendly biodegradable cosmetic applicators.