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5 Stars - Based on 76 User Reviews
Ruth Battrick Avatar

So far I have tried the oils and the lip balm and really love them. Really good quality and smell heavenly.

Ruth Battrick 4/25/2019
Renny Rose Avendaño Cerbo Avatar

I am so happy i decided to try your products! It work wonders!

Renny Rose Avendaño Cerbo 1/28/2019
Brigitte Lemieux Savard Avatar

Je vous le recommande totalement 😊

Brigitte Lemieux Savard 1/20/2019
Jennifer Lynn Taylor Avatar

i love the variety of safe no toxic products available to replace our everyday products

Jennifer Lynn Taylor 1/15/2019
Beverly Thomson Avatar

the rich smell and how well the products work

Beverly Thomson 1/15/2019
Melissa Brant Avatar

great products and giveaways!

Melissa Brant 1/15/2019
Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda Avatar

Thanks for the chance to win great giveaways

Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda 1/15/2019
Britt Halcro Avatar

Great products if you are looking to go natural and cut out all the chemicals.

Britt Halcro 1/15/2019
Trish Joyce Philippon Avatar

Lovely products that are handmade and smell amazing. ❤️

Trish Joyce Philippon 1/15/2019
Rosa Cross Avatar

I would recommend you try Lovebee products because they are a natural product.

Rosa Cross 1/15/2019
Moise Phoebe Avatar

I have been looking for natural products to use.

Moise Phoebe 1/15/2019
Leigh King Avatar

Love the looks and idea of healthy natural products 😍💚💙

Leigh King 1/15/2019
Esther Broussard Avatar

These look like really awesome products!

Esther Broussard 1/15/2019
Brittany Langstaff Avatar

Lovely products. Great company!

Brittany Langstaff 1/15/2019
Stephanie Sieben Avatar

amazing products. definitely recommend them 🙂

Stephanie Sieben 1/15/2019
Katie Baker Avatar

excellent and efficient!!

Katie Baker 1/15/2019
Ivy Pluchinsky Avatar

Love these products, really good quality!

Ivy Pluchinsky 1/15/2019
Teena Gosbee Avatar

cant wait to try them and win the contest

Teena Gosbee 1/15/2019
Mike N Rhonda Wessel Avatar

the peppermint is wonderful

Mike N Rhonda Wessel 1/15/2019
Michelle Cake Avatar

There products look amazing 💚

Michelle Cake 1/15/2019
Tammy Sherboneau Avatar

good products I recommend

Tammy Sherboneau 1/15/2019
Keri Tanner Avatar

LoveBee has amazing products and come highly recommended

Keri Tanner 1/15/2019
Allison B Avatar

must try wellness products!!

Allison B 1/15/2019
Marty Renney Avatar

I love that the products are all natural

Marty Renney 1/15/2019
Loreen Dow Avatar

I like products that are made naturally without chemicals in them.

Loreen Dow 1/15/2019
Susie Doucet Avatar

You have really Great products!

Susie Doucet 1/14/2019
Megan Ryan Avatar

Lovebee Products are all natural, affordable and they work. Canadian made.

Megan Ryan 1/14/2019
Sandra Smith Avatar

Your products sound refreshing! Peppermint is my favourite, for sure! I love that they are natural products.🤗

Sandra Smith 1/14/2019
Ashley Melinda Langley Avatar

love these love bees 💜🐝🍃😍

Ashley Melinda Langley 1/14/2019
Vee Tee Avatar

Lovely natural items for the family!

Vee Tee 1/14/2019