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We get it — sometimes you need to be re-assured that a website’s reviews are genuine. Just in case you need more convincing than our website reviews, here are our Facebook reviews as well 🙂

Dede Noel Avatar

received my lip balms and they are great!!! they all smell lovely!

Dede Noel 12/12/2018
Sandra Child Avatar

natural products smell and feel good and are also important on how they affect the environment. Thanks for something good to wear

Sandra Child 11/07/2018
Gisele Rossignol Mongeau Avatar

Recently, I bought 2 market special Lavender Body Butters. So when my sister told me how dry and cracked her hands would get, to the point of bleeding, I suggested she try it. After 7 years prescription medication, and nothing... read more

Gisele Rossignol Mongeau 10/17/2018
Emily Flexhaug-Mussari Avatar

5++++++ STARS????????We ordered the calendula cream and the free healing balm included. My son fell and scraped his knee and is obsessed with the healing balm. He brings it to me 2+ times a day lol. I love the calendula... read more

Emily Flexhaug-Mussari 8/20/2018
Robert Sawatzky Avatar

Woodland Beard Oil 5 stars!!!!!!!!!

Best beard oil period!! this product has turned my dry scruffy beard into a work of art, I have people comment all the time on how alive and healthy my beard has started looking since using... read more

Robert Sawatzky 8/07/2018
Marina Butler Avatar

Purchased a few products two weeks ago at the Ridgeway Farmer’s Market. Was hooked up with Mummy Mango Body Butter (dare you to say that 3x’s) and Rose Body Oil. Have to tell all my facebook friends...WOW! ... read more

Marina Butler 8/05/2018
Mei Ling Liu Avatar

i won beard balm from Lovebee products previously, my hubby love it and i like to recommend this page for my friends, would like to give this page five star review

Mei Ling Liu 7/21/2018
Gloria Leo Avatar

I tried the rose oil and the lip balm. Absolutely loved them both. The scent not overpowering and the oil makes your skin so soft. Makes an older (70) years look pretty good. Love the fact that it is natural.�

Gloria Leo 7/20/2018
Wendy Sweeney Avatar

My husband and I purchased a insect repellant and a beard oil at the Ridgefest festival. The insect repellant smells amazing and works really well. The beard oil smells delish and makes his beard touchable. Love your products and look... read more

Wendy Sweeney 7/18/2018
Linda Napolitano Avatar

Love your baby soap wash, but more importantly my toddler does too. Had the pleasure of getting at Ridgewayfest. Actually looking to stock up on your lip balms herd great reviews. So glad I found out about you from my... read more

Linda Napolitano 7/18/2018
Sharon Raven Ruby Blakley Avatar

I started using the Rose Oil well over a month ago. The change in my skin has been amazing......I noticed a difference in the first few days........Rosehips contain one of the highest amounts of Vit C which helps produce collegen... read more

Sharon Raven Ruby Blakley 7/18/2018
Meeshell Gauthier Avatar

I was givin the babee bum cream and massage oil for a baby gift for my daughter.. for my first born I was using penatin and it seemed to irritate my sons skin more, the

Bum cream has helped... read more

Meeshell Gauthier 7/18/2018
Victoria Scott Avatar

First introduced to Lovebee products at the Ridgeway Festival. Bought the Lavender Body Oil and Calendula cream. The oil is making my skin softer and the smell is wonderful. He is using the Calendula cream and it's relieving the... read more

Victoria Scott 7/18/2018
Amanda Marshall Avatar

I bought the Calendula Cream to try it for the dermatitis on my hands as steroid cream doesn't seem to manage it . While the dermatitis won't go away, the Calendula Cream has really helped keep my outbreaks under... read more

Amanda Marshall 7/18/2018
Stephanie Manseau Avatar

Purchase our first products on July 7th at the Ridgeway Festival. The staff was very helpful and friendly. We purchased a few products, some of which we haven't had a chance to try yet but the one that stands out... read more

Stephanie Manseau 7/18/2018
Nichole Gallagher Avatar

My boyfriend used the beard oil and it makes his face smoother then our six month old!!!

Nichole Gallagher 7/18/2018
Gina Marie Sloggett Avatar

I was gifted a rose body oil yesterday.

I just wanted to say how much I love the scent, quick absorption and that it doesn’t leave my skin oily. I will definitely be ordering some more soon!!!

Gina Marie Sloggett 6/28/2018
Stacey Davis Avatar

AMAZING products , family run, animal cruelty free , made with love , local for me (slightly selfish reason) �- what else can you ask for ?! ��

Stacey Davis 6/19/2018
Theo Joseph Jakabffy Avatar

Wow, what else can I say about lovebee but Wow! I'm the type of guy that never thought beard products or moisturizers did very much or anything at all to make a difference until I tried lovebee. Aside from them... read more

Theo Joseph Jakabffy 5/28/2018
Joel Mongeau Avatar

I used to have to buy tons of Chapstick or other lip soothing products for severe chapped lips, and would put some on every 20 minutes or so. Since using the Hemp & Honey Lipz Lip Balm from LoveBee, my... read more

Joel Mongeau 4/19/2018
Steph Mongeau Avatar

I love the mint and hemp lip balms from LoveBee. I think they work very well for super chapped lips. I am also a huge fan of the lavender body oil I use it on my body as well as... read more

Steph Mongeau 4/19/2018
Jeremiah Cuascut Avatar

I'm using the beard products. First product that actually hydrates my skin under my beard and when I use the beard butter it actually melts in my hand instead of a bunch of pieces rolling together and falling off my... read more

Jeremiah Cuascut 4/17/2018
Rebecca Woodward Avatar

Just came across their products recently and wish I had found them earlier... beautifully packaged and lovely products. Have the baby cream for their bums and the massage oil.. highly recommend them xx

Rebecca Woodward 1/09/2018
Eleana Aleman Avatar

I have been using LoveBee Rose oil for my face and Lavander oil for my hands and they are fantastic!

I bought them for Christmas and sent some to my family in El Salvador and they are loving it!

The skin... read more

Eleana Aleman 1/05/2018
Denise N Jim Assoun Avatar

I love that it's all natural products! Even my husband has been using the products and has seen great results so far!

Denise N Jim Assoun 7/08/2017
Destiny Poirier Sawatzky Avatar

My family loves lovebee!!! Not only does their products smell and feel AMAZING.. they actually WORK!!! I'm so thankful for this amazing company I can trust!!

Destiny Poirier Sawatzky 6/12/2017