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5.0 Stars - Based on 77 User Reviews
Ashley Smith Avatar
My skin has never felt better than after using the facial serum, toner and oil. I was a little skeptical after trying so many different routines and products to nourish my face .. but Khaili really knocked this trio out of the park!! (Not to mention the smell is phenomenal!) πŸ’—
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Ashley Smith 7/27/2020
Shannon Hookey Avatar
hand soap is amazing. thank you so much for your kindness, it was nice to come home to work to xo
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Shannon Hookey 4/21/2020
Kayci Howard Avatar
Such an amazing company, absolutely love the soap I received today. Smells amazing! Thank you❀️❀️
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Kayci Howard 4/14/2020
Kyleen Rafferty Avatar
LOVE the lip balms...so far I have tried 3.

My favourite is the Hemp and Honey (smells like wintergreen...great for chapped lips as it covers really nice)

Sweet orange and vanilla is like an orange creamsicle,

Sweet Almond is light and smooth.

Absolutely lovely products... I dont really like writing reviews but had to for these ones ...

Even the packaging it all came in was beautiful and you could see the love and care that goes into it.
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Kyleen Rafferty 12/03/2019
Patricia Rothwell Avatar
Haven't tried yet, but read the reviews
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Patricia Rothwell 8/01/2019
Ruth Battrick Avatar
So far I have tried the oils and the lip balm and really love them. Really good quality and smell heavenly.
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Ruth Battrick 4/25/2019
Renny Rose AvendaΓ±o Cerbo Avatar
I am so happy i decided to try your products! It work wonders!
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Renny Rose AvendaΓ±o Cerbo 1/28/2019
Brigitte Lemieux Savard Avatar
positive review  Je vous le recommande totalement 😊
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Brigitte Lemieux Savard 1/20/2019
Jennifer Lynn Taylor Avatar
positive review  i love the variety of safe no toxic products available to replace our everyday products
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Jennifer Lynn Taylor 1/15/2019
Beverly Thomson Avatar
positive review  the rich smell and how well the products work
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Beverly Thomson 1/15/2019
Melissa Brant Avatar
positive review  great products and giveaways!
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Melissa Brant 1/15/2019
Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda Avatar
positive review  Thanks for the chance to win great giveaways
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Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda 1/15/2019
Britt Halcro Avatar
positive review  Great products if you are looking to go natural and cut out all the chemicals.
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Britt Halcro 1/15/2019
Trish Joyce Philippon Avatar
positive review  Lovely products that are handmade and smell amazing. ❀️
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Trish Joyce Philippon 1/15/2019
Rosa Cross Avatar
positive review  I would recommend you try Lovebee products because they are a natural product.
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Rosa Cross 1/15/2019
Moise Phoebe Avatar
positive review  I have been looking for natural products to use.
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Moise Phoebe 1/15/2019
Leigh King Avatar
positive review  Love the looks and idea of healthy natural products πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’™
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Leigh King 1/15/2019
Esther Broussard Avatar
positive review  These look like really awesome products!
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Esther Broussard 1/15/2019
Brittany Langstaff Avatar
positive review  Lovely products. Great company!
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Brittany Langstaff 1/15/2019
Stephanie Sieben Avatar
positive review  amazing products. definitely recommend them πŸ™‚
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Stephanie Sieben 1/15/2019
Katie Baker Avatar
positive review  excellent and efficient!!
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Katie Baker 1/15/2019
Ivy Pluchinsky Avatar
positive review  Love these products, really good quality!
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Ivy Pluchinsky 1/15/2019
Teena Gosbee Avatar
positive review  cant wait to try them and win the contest
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Teena Gosbee 1/15/2019
Mike N Rhonda Wessel Avatar
positive review  the peppermint is wonderful
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Mike N Rhonda Wessel 1/15/2019
Michelle Cake Avatar
positive review  There products look amazing πŸ’š
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Michelle Cake 1/15/2019
Tammy Sherboneau Avatar
positive review  good products I recommend
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Tammy Sherboneau 1/15/2019
Keri Tanner Avatar
positive review  LoveBee has amazing products and come highly recommended
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Keri Tanner 1/15/2019
Allison B Avatar
positive review  must try wellness products!!
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Allison B 1/15/2019
Marty Renney Avatar
positive review  I love that the products are all natural
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Marty Renney 1/15/2019
Loreen Dow Avatar
positive review  I like products that are made naturally without chemicals in them.
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Loreen Dow 1/15/2019