FREE Hand Soap For Local Families In Ridgeway & Fort Erie — Our COVID-19 Response

Purify Vegan Foaming Hand Soap

UPDATE 08/30/2020: Project Purify has now ended. We we’re thrilled to be able to help the local community during the first 6 of the Coronavirus pandemic!

Project Purify — Fighting the spread of COVID-19

Since 2015 the local community of Ridgeway & Fort Erie has been here supporting us, and now we’re doing our best to be here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Since hearing of the many struggling individuals and families around us we have been switching over production from our regular line of products to create additional household basics like hand soap.

Today we are officially launching “Project Purify” to help fight the continued spread of COVID-19: A program to drop off and distribute COMPLETELY FREE hand soaps to local residents in need in Fort Erie & Ridgeway! All that we are asking is for honesty in this time, and that only those truly in need submit a request for hand soap drop off.

Project Purify will be ongoing as we are able to maintain supplies.


If you/your family are financially struggling — you qualify. If you are elderly or disabled and rely on others dropping off goods for you — you qualify. If you are a first responder/medical worker on the front lines of this fight — you qualify! We want to make this as simple as possible, we just ask that people are honest about their situations so that those without have access as soon as possible.

While it is our desire to deliver everywhere, for safety safe, at this time we will not be able to deliver to apartment buildings or any location where soap cannot be quickly and easily left for you. 

We are limiting soaps to one per household per month at this time.

How It Works

To receive one of our new foaming hand soaps completely free with drop off, you simply need to complete the following steps:

  1. Register for a free lovebee account and enter your shipping info under the My Account page. This is how we track and manage where soaps are going.
  2. Navigate to the shop page to add a foaming hand soap to your cart. At first it will list a price of $10 in your cart, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that in a moment.
  3. Navigate to the check out page. Once there click the text that says “click here to enter your code”.
  4. Enter the code localsoap into the box at hit the button “apply coupon”. The price is now reduced to zero!
  5. Complete the rest of the form on the page and complete the order by clocking the “place order” button. NOTE: Make sure to also select “Free Shipping” as your shipping method. If free shipping is not available, please make sure that your local postal code is correct. When you enter your local postal code the shipping should reduce to zero.

Timing & Drop Off

Drop off of your soap may be the day you order or take a few days depending on how busy we become. You will receive a confirmation e-mail the day it’s being delivered, so make sure to add to your contacts so our message doesn’t end up in your spam folder!

We will drop off the soap to your address while continuing to practise social distancing measures. We will not knock or disturb you, we will simply leave it somewhere you will easily see it.

Need Help?

Need assistance? We are here for you! Please contact us here.

More From Lovebee

Lovebee Products will continue to work on launching other natural ‘essential’ products, like hand sanitizer, as soon as possible. Truthfully, this was our mission already, however due to the ongoing crisis we are shifting to accelerate and prioritize certain items as we see needs arise and ingredients and supplies are available to us. If you’re local, we’d appreciate it if you would share this post to help our community receive the info! New to Lovebee? We have lots of other great all natural product on our store!
Stay safe everyone, and find a way to smile today! 

— Tim & Khaili McMorris

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