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Make It Better Balm

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Soothe damaged dry skin (closed cuts, scrapes, bruises & burns) & make it better! Hand crafted multi-use balm with all natural organic ingredients.

Lovebee’s all natural Make It Better Balm (formerly ‘Soothing Healing Balm’) is a wonderful all around multi-tasking balm! With it’s convenient 60ml / 2 oz tin, it’s the perfect size to take with you everywhere you travel — especially camping and outdoors where cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns and bites occur!

Created with a blend of beeswax, organic skin nourishing carrier oils, and organic essential oils, this balm works wonders for dry patches of skin and is safe for babies from 6+ months, and for all ages of children and adults.

Natural, organic botanical ingredients from land & sea

Safe & non-toxic | No synthetic fragrances, colours, stabilizers of fillers

Handcrafted in small, fresh batches using GMP (good manufacturing practices).


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“That’s what I call 24-hour hydration! My skin is very dry, especially during the winter. This product gives an instant relief and lasts for the entire day. Great product!!!”

— Posted by daisy1vd

Make It Better Balm Benefits

  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Relieves itching due to dry skin
  • Promotes elasticity
  • Protects skin against the abuse of the elements
  • Replenishes skin’s moisture barrier
  • Soften’s skin

Customer feedback (additional benefits noted by customers)

  • Aids in the healing process of minor wounds and burns
  • Soothes skin irritation
  • Helps with the itchiness of bites when applied directly after bite or sting
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Product Properties

  • All natural organic ingredients
  • No artificial dyes, fragrances or colours
  • Firm semi-solid balm consistency with yellow hue – softens as rubbed.
  • Mild fragrance

How To Use Make It Better Balm

Generously apply Lovebee’s Make It Better Balm to desired areas of skin, avoiding the eyes. To apply, begin by rubbing a finger over the balm (which will initially be firm) in a circular motion until it beings to soften / liquefy.

Note that Make It Better Balm is designed to be applied in very thin layers (like a lip balm). It is not a cream and will need a small amount of work to soften before use. You may find it easier to use the back of your finger nail to scrape a small amount of balm out before application.

Product can be rubbed in until fully absorbed or left partially unabsorbed for a light layer of protection on top of affected areas. Apply as frequently as needed.

Product Packaging

Comes in a 60 ml / 2 oz screw top recyclable steel tin.

Additional Information

Product Care (Storage, shelf life & interacting with your products)
Processing & Shipping 

Product Ingredients

Olive oil
Unrefined shea butter
Avocado oil
Vitamin E oil
Lemon essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Chamomile Essential Oil
Tea tree essential oil


Products are for external use only.

With the exception of undiluted essential oils, please do a "skin patch test" for sensitivity before using any products in full measure.

Cease use of product immediately if skin rash or irritation occurs.

Please always keep products out of reach of children when not in use.

Some products may contain traces of nuts or nut oils.

While Lovebee products contain ingredients with known medical benefits, our natural skin care products are not medications or natural health products as classified by Health Canada. Lovebee products are not intended to replace prescribed medication. Any therapeutic claim (relating to the healing or treating of diseases) listed on our site under the 'customer feedback' heading are those made by customers during their experiences using our products and are collected from reviews or testimonials. They are listed for your convenience however are not our claims.

We make no guaranteed medical claims about any our products. Products use recommendations are suggestions based on the advice of qualified alternative therapy practitioners and widely accepted facts about a particular natural ingredient. While we do our best to create and recommend products based on testing and scientific research, we cannot claim or guarantee their effectiveness in treating any disease or medical condition.

Information on our website is not meant to replace that of trained medical professionals.

4 reviews for Make It Better Balm

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    Alexandra F.

    the cream is very hard, so very difficult to take it from the box

    • Avatar

      Lovebee Customer Care

      Thanks very much for the feedback! We wanted to note that the Make It Better Balm is a beeswax based balm that is intentionally harder than a cream, and is designed to be applied in thin layers. Balms will need to be applied by warming them with your fingertip or using the back of your fingernail to scrape out for example. There is more info under the instructions for use area on this page you may find helpful 🙂

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    That’s what I call 24-hour hydration! My skin is very dry, especially during the winter. This product gives an instant relief and lasts for the entire day. Great product!!!

  3. Avatar


    This is the best thing I’ve ever used for insect bites. Not only does it not sting like other products on the market, but it soothes the itchiness and miraculously leaves little or no evidence of a bite having been there by the next day. I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is fodder for mosquitoes!

  4. Avatar


    I’ve been sooo obsessive compulsive with hand washing my hands when my little one arrived so my hands became so dry and cracking. This soothing balm really helps, it cures my dry cracking hands and relieves itchiness

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Make It Better Balm
Make It Better Balm
Earns 18.00 Reward Points