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Beard Comb

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Simple, stylish and effective beard comb with thirty medium teeth, made from peach wood. Travel ready and lightweight, the comb’s teeth are strong yet flexible to help tackle tangled and unruly hair quickly.



The Lovebee beard comb is a perfect match for our woodland beard oil and woodland beard balm!

Product Properties

  • Made from peach wood
  • Lightweight
  • 30 fexible teeth

Instructions For Use

The best beard is a healthy and maintained beard! Starting at the top of your beard line, gently comb downward all the way through. Make sure to watch out for knots and tangles because pulling through them quickly can hurt and even pull out hair! If you have a thick beard we definitely recommend using our beard comb combined with our woodland beard oil or woodland beard balm. This will make it MUCH easier to comb though and healthily maintain.

Product Packaging

This product comes as is, without any case.

2 reviews for Beard Comb

  1. Avatar

    McKenzie DePhillippeaux

    I got this comb for my husband as part of the gift box set. He thought the comb was funny at first as “he has a comb” (a cheap plastic head comb). But he is now in love with it. He never knew he needed to comb his beard, and now he loves doing it and I catch him sitting at his desk brushing it while just relaxing watching videos all the time. He loves and his beard is much better kept and nicer looking now. (and he admits he tried the plastic comb once after and it didn’t work, so he loves this comb in particular.)

  2. qualitykitchens@live.ca


    I love this comb. I keep one at the office and one at home. Great tool for taking the beard!

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Beard Comb by Lovebee
Beard Comb