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Natural Beard Oil | Woodland Blend

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With its fresh earthy cedarwood notes, our woodsy natural beard oil is handcrafted using a blend of premium vegan organic oils to hydrate and soften hair, promote thicker beard growth, and restore the look of dry and damaged beards!

From our men’s Woodland Collection, our popular Woodland Beard Oil is no ordinary beard oil: Lovebee’s beard oil is a careful blend of 100% organic ingredients that create the perfect balance required for a moisturized, healthy looking, amazingly fresh smelling beard!

Natural, organic botanical ingredients from land & sea

Safe & non-toxic | No synthetic fragrances, colours, stabilizers of fillers

Handcrafted in small, fresh batches using GMP (good manufacturing practices).


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Featured Review


“I bought this for my husband he absolutely loves it, and so do I! Not only does it nourish it smells amazing!!”

— Posted by Stephanie M. 

Woodland Beard Oil is a meticulously crafted blend designed to nourish and revitalize the beard. At the heart of our formula lies organic golden jojoba and hemp seed oils, both renowned for their deep conditioning properties. Hemp seed oil, rich in omega 6, not only penetrates the hair and skin with ease but also enhances the appearance of your beard, making it look healthier and more vibrant. This natural oil is instrumental in promoting keratin production, key to fostering thicker, stronger strands.

Our natural beard oil is further enriched with the luxurious touch of argan oil, a celebrated moisturizer for both skin and hair. Known for its lightweight and non-greasy properties, argan oil ensures your beard retains a natural sheen and softness, enhancing its appearance without the unwanted oily residue. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining a well-groomed, sleek beard that feels as good as it looks.

Finally, this woodsy blend is elevated with a careful selection of organic essential oils – cedarwood, bergamot, patchouli, balsam fir, and black pepper – each contributing its unique benefits and aromas. Cedarwood and patchouli offer a woodsy, grounding scent, while bergamot and black pepper add a hint of freshness and spice. Balsam fir rounds out the blend with a touch of crisp, forest-like aroma. Together, these oils not only provide a sensory experience reminiscent of a walk in the woods but also work in harmony to soothe the skin beneath your beard. Infused with Vitamin E and avocado oil, our Woodland Beard Oil is a testament to nature’s ability to provide both care and luxury for the modern man.

Known Benefits

  • Hydrates skin and beard.
  • Strengthens hair to prevent breakage
  • Promotes healthier thicker beard growth.
  • Releases a natural, pleasant, woodsy aroma
  • Create a visually appealing luster (and hydrated hair is less likely to break)

Natural Beard Oil Properties

  • Blend of infused organic carrier oils + organic essential oils
  • No artificial dyes or colours
  • Medium fragrance, customers describe as “earthy” or “woodsy”

Instructions For Use

A little beard oil can go a long way (and in fact, many first time beard oil user will over do it)! With the bottle top loose, pinch the dropper top and fill about 1/4 of the way. Apply the beard oil just below the top of your beard line on one side of your face and brush thoroughly into your beard. Repeat on the other side.

If you apply to much oil simply use a towel or cloth to absorb some of the oil to get your desired level of shine just right!

Lovebee’s beard oil can be applied daily if desired.

Product Packaging

Comes in a 30 ml (1 oz) amber glass bottle with dropper.

Additional Information

Product Care (Storage, shelf life & interacting with your products)
Processing & Shipping 

Product Ingredients

Golden jojoba
Hemp seed oil
Argan oil
Avocado oil
Vitamin E Oil
Cedarwood essential Oil
Bergamot essential Oil
Patchouli essential Oil
Balsam fir essential Oil
Black pepper essential Oil


Products are for external use only.

With the exception of undiluted essential oils, please do a "skin patch test" for sensitivity before using any products in full measure.

Cease use of product immediately if skin rash or irritation occurs.

Please always keep products out of reach of children when not in use.

Some products may contain traces of nuts or nut oils.

While Lovebee products contain ingredients with known medical benefits, our natural skin care products are not medications or natural health products as classified by Health Canada. Lovebee products are not intended to replace prescribed medication. Any therapeutic claim (relating to the healing or treating of diseases) listed on our site under the 'customer feedback' heading are those made by customers during their experiences using our products and are collected from reviews or testimonials. They are listed for your convenience however are not our claims.

We make no guaranteed medical claims about any our products. Products use recommendations are suggestions based on the advice of qualified alternative therapy practitioners and widely accepted facts about a particular natural ingredient. While we do our best to create and recommend products based on testing and scientific research, we cannot claim or guarantee their effectiveness in treating any disease or medical condition.

Information on our website is not meant to replace that of trained medical professionals.

5 reviews for Natural Beard Oil | Woodland Blend

  1. Avatar


    My husbands skin has really improved with this.

  2. qualitykitchens@live.ca


    Never wake up in the morning wothout it! Does exactly what it is supposed to. I recieved the woodland box set for Christmas last year. I’m so glad that they introduced me to your products.

  3. manseau.stephanie


    I bought this for my husband he absolutely loves it. And so do I! Not only does it nourish it smells amazing!!

  4. Avatar


    Best beard oil period!! this product has turned my dry scruffy beard into a work of art, I have people comment all the time on how alive and healthy my beard has started looking since using this product.

    I have to be honest, I had some negative expectations about a “beard oil”

    I have tried other products that claim to be designed for men’s beards and was disappointed every time.

    This product is an oil but you would never know it after application, there is no oily feeling left, simply apply and go without being concerned of it dripping or rubbing off on your clothes or things.

  5. Theo Joseph Jakabffy

    Theo Joseph Jakabffy

    I cant get enough of this beard oil! It leaves my beard so soft and smooth, and gives it that shine I like. Not to mention it smells amazing!

    Love the lovebee!!

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Natural Beard Oil | Woodland Blend
Earns 18.00 Reward Points