Lovebee 2019 Internship!

Lovebee Internship

Lovebee Is Growing!

As its been said, everything that is healthy grows! With spring in full swing, we are just about to start another exciting year of markets and festivals, working and expanding our lavender farm and continuing to create wonderful natural products that are gaining greater exposure in the Niagara region and throughout Canada!

We’re Looking For An Intern!

Do you like working in nature, attending craft shows, markets and festivals, and are passionate about holistic living and natural products? We’d love to hear from you!


If you’ve never heard of an internship before, it is a short, often flexible, working period where work is done in exchange for experience within an industry or business. Once the internship period is complete, the intern is typically hired either part or full time.

Working With Lovebee

The Lovebee internship is a 6 month program where you’ll be trained in various jobs like working with lavender and other botanicals, product preping,  assisting with farmers’ markets and festivals, maintenance of the ‘Lovebee Lab’ and more! After successfully completing the internship, you will have the option to join the team in a permanent paid position! 

Why An Internship?

An internship is a benefit to both the intern and potential employee for many reasons. An internship is valuable to you as it allows you to:

  • Gain valuable work experience in a field you are interested in but may have little exposure to
  • Explore a career path and company culture before fully committing
  • Develop and refine skill sets without the pressure which typically comes with a new job
  • Gain confidence in your skills
  • Transition into a paid position with experience
  • A completed internship is a great resume asset (though we hope you’ll continue to work with us 🙂

An internship is valuable to us as a company because it allows us to see how you will work and develop over a period of training, and will also reveal skill sets we may not have known you had. There may be a position for you that we originally didn’t have in mind! 

The Nitty Gritty (Requirements)

  • You must be legally allowed to work in Canada.
  • You must live locally (Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Stevensville etc. Contact us below if unsure)
  • You must be available for work Saturdays. The Ridgeway’s Farmers’ Market and other markets we regularly attend happen on Saturdays or weekends.
  • You must commit to at least 16 hours a week (this includes the Saturday which is usually 7 – 8 hours. Other times and days are flexible. It could be a few hours over multiple days for example rather than all on one day.)
  • You must have your own vehicle or reliable transportation within the Niagara region
  • You work well around young adorable children 🙂 We have two young daughters who are often with us, and you will certainly get to know them! They are amazing — you’ll love them. Still, however, kids can be…. kids!
  • You’re flexible with tasks. Some jobs are fun to do, some jobs may not be your favourite. We’re still ‘small business’ and so that means we shift tasks around as needed.

Are You A Student? Have A Part Time Job? That’s Okay With Us!

Yes — you can work another job / go to school while working with Lovebee!

Another great benefit of our internship is that we recognize you may already be involved in other commitments and just want to explore this line of work. While we require a few things from you as noted above, we are flexible in many ways and don’t require you to exclusively work with us over the 6 month period.

I’m In! How Do I Apply?

Just fill out the short form below and we will get in touch with you soon 🙂

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