Natural, Organic Bath Oils Are Here!

Lavender Bath Oil

Botanical Bath Oils

Since we began what is now known Lovebee Products, natural bath oils were always on our list of future products to release — so it’s exciting to announce that our first two oils are now available online!. Our new bath oils are made from 100% premium, organic, vegan ingredients! 

A lush, soothing, aromatic bath oil with calming floral notes

If you’ve been around here before, you probably already know that we LOVE lavender. In fact, we have around 40 lavender plants at our farm and plan to add more this year! So when it came to where we would would begin, Lavender Bath Oil was the easy choice. As lavender is well known for its calming properties, it is one of the best botanical ingredients to compliment a warm, relaxing bath. Of course, the lavender bath oil also perfectly complements our Lavender Body Oil!

A rich and luxurious oil with sweet notes

On the slightly sweeter side of things (flororally sweet that is), we decided to extend our rose geranium line with the Rose Geranium Bath Oil.

Why Bath Oils?

If you’re a regular user of natural bath oil, you won’t need any convincing — you already know how amazing a warm bath infused with oil can be. If you’ve never used oils before however it’s understandable that you’re wondering why they’re all the rage. Keep reading, for the many great benefits!

Not all oils are created equal

First, we should mention that a bath oil is only as good as the ingredients it’s made from. It seems like an obvious statement, however many have become used to buying products they know very little about ingredients wise. Lovebee bath oils are not just oils that smell nice (though they certainly do!) , they are holistic oils made to invigorate the skin while leaving it moisturized and soft — all without artificial colours, fragrances, or or synthetic stabilizers of any kind. Both the lavender and rose geranium fragrance comes from, you guessed it, real lavender and rose geranium! So while you’re using Lovebee bath oil, you can also have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going into your bath and onto your skin!

A ‘Boring’ Bath?

A warm bath on it’s own is pretty nice, but once you try bath oils it’s hard imagine your bath without them. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to how much oil to use, however what is universal, is the desire for the soft, silky feeling that’s left on your skin after you exit the bath! If you’re already using a loving our bath oil, we’d love it if you would leave a review!

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